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In Arboriculture, we study everything to do with vegetaion management including identifying plant species, identifying and managing diseases, understanding what species will work best in ceraOnsite mulching is an ideal solution for garden maintenance and land clearing for projects such as housing developments, parks and other facilities. The process entails the elimination of brushes, fallen trees, branches, debris and more.

A fast and effective technique to clear any property block is onsite mulching. Our professional team operate a range of fully serviced and compliance machinery that produce mulch sizes appropriate for your needs.

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Mulching is a cheap and effective strategy for garden maintenance

The Benefits of Mulching

Mulching deserves far more recognition for the sheer quantity of benefits that it can bring to your garden and the local ecosystem. Not only does it help to preserve optimal soil conditions for your plants and trees, but it also provides a sustainable way to dispose of the excess offcuts produced during common arborist services. This means that the piles of sticks and leaves that you create while gardening are no longer a problem. With a simple call to your local Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal, we can turn those piles into fresh, organic mulch by processing them through our chipper.

One of the principle advantages of covering your garden bed with high quality mulch is the promotion of healthy plant growth. This is achieved through a variety of interrelated factors. The layer of mulch serves as a temperature regulator, protecting the roots and soil from the extreme changes that are common in the Australian climate. By safeguarding your plants against dramatic rises or falls in temperature, the mulch fosters the perfect conditions for your garden to thrive. When the soil gets too hot it can dry out and lose essential nutrients. Mulch acts as a soil conditioner, retaining moisture and encouraging your plants to prosper.

These benefits would be enough to make mulching worthwhile. However, mulch can also prevent the growth and spread of unwanted weeds. Weeds can cause headaches because of their capacity to grow quickly in a variety of different conditions. Whenever your garden gets dried out from the sun, your garden will suffer while weed growth will increase. To mitigate the threat of weeds, it is important to regulate the conditions of your garden beds by keeping them protected with high quality mulch.

High Quality, Local & Organic

Mulch is a broad term that refers to any material which is used to cover soil. It is important to note that not all types of mulch are created equal. There are many different types of mulch, one of the best forms is made from wood chips. By wood chipping parts of a tree, our guys are able to break down the wood into the perfect wood chip mulch for your garden. One of the reasons that our product provides such great results for your garden beds is that we always use material that is high quality, local and organic. While purchasing pre-packaged mulch from a landscaping business can provide some benefits, our product guarantees great results because it is sourced fresh from your local region. This ensures that the product is perfectly suited and compatible with your garden bed.

Our Mulching Process

Through each of our tree services we create a constant supply of high quality green waste that is perfect for protecting your garden beds. Each arborist team services their local community with tree removal, hedge trimming, lopping of branches and street tree pruning. Through this work our guys create more excess tree and plant matter that is ideal for breaking down and using to cover gardens. Our process is fast and efficient. After each job, the team on site will collect all of the excess material and feed it through the powerful wood chipper. Once it has been processed, we are then able to spread it over gardens, or transport it off site.

If you require our team for this service, we are able to assist in whatever capacity you require. We can transport green material for you, we can break down your tree material, or we can help spread the mulch over your gardens.

Mulching Services FAQs

Can I use the mulch right away?

The best thing to keep soil moist is high quality, fresh mulch. The fresher the better. That’s why using mulch from a nearby work site around your suburb can provide the best results. Something that we often recommend for this service is covering your garden beds and the roots of your trees with mulch that we’ve created on site at your property, or from one nearby.

Why is mulching good for the garden?

Our mulching service receives great reviews from our clients because it can help to get more out of your garden. While each site is unique, maintaining a consistent temperature and moisture level always leads to the best results for your garden. Contact our specialists on 1300 2DYNAMIC to get a free quote and to learn how mulching can help you.


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