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Having some of the most diverse experiences in the tree industry, our professional Arborists have paved long careers both as local government arboriculture coordinators, to Domestic and Commercial tree removal operations of all scale and nature. Read on to see why Dynamic Tree Solutions has become one of the preferred tree service providers throughout south east Queensland.

We have come to realise that there are 3 things that people really look for when hiring arborists to remove trees. These are:

  • Great prices
  • Genuine expert advice
  • Risk free / peace of mind

Our experiences have been able to guide us to the unique position where we are able to provide all 3 at the highest level and customers rarely see the need to go elsewhere after receiving a tree removal quote from us. Decades of experience and knowledge safely cutting down trees, decades of acquiring tools and machinery and full public liability insurance put us far ahead of our competition.

We provide the following arborist services across Logan, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Tree Removal & Lopping: Cutting down trees, breaking them up and completely removing all the tree waste from your site.

Tree Pruning & Maintenance: Sometimes referred to as tree lopping, this usually involves removal of dead or dangerous branches from a normally healthy tree.

Palm Cleaning & removal: When you have palm trees on your property, you quickly discover how much of a mess they can make without regular palm cleaning services. Palm fronds drop regularly and without warning, putting the safety of you and your property at risk.

Onsite Mulching: In Arboriculture, we study everything to do with vegetaion management including identifying plant species, identifying and managing diseases, understanding what species will work best in ceraOnsite mulching is an ideal solution for garden maintenance and land clearing for projects such as housing developments, parks and other facilities.

Emergency Tree Services: storms and heavy wind conditions can often cause damage and destruction to vegetation. Dynamic Tree Solutions are on call 24/7 to assist with any type of emergency situation where removing or making trees safe is required.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal: Our state of the art stump grinding machine is the fastest way to get a tree stump removed and cost effective

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